Comfrey – wild or otherwise?

Whilst working on a community garden this week, we had to did up a good deal fo Comfrey and whilst most people helping were just happy to hack the whole thing to a pulp in order to remove, I’m afraid that I took my time.  I cut it back and ‘gently teased’ out each section (anyone who has split a comfrey  or other ancient herbaceous plant will know that teased out means chopped ferociusly with a spade!).  By the end I had a large bag of chopped up leaves and stems (for my compost heap) and about 20 ‘almost plant-lets’ which I took home.  I planted 4 or so on my allotment and the rest went out to others through freecycle.  Growing my own cromfrey will be much easier than last year – a lovely walk along coutry lanes was somewhat marred by my insistance that everyone return home trailing huge pieces of comfrey which filled the boot of the car and stank it out for several days!

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