Yes, you can even eat May Blossom!

May blossom,  so prolific, so familiar!  What better signal that summer is defiantly on its way.

The flowers add a slightly sweet, slightly nutty taste to fresh fruit salad or mix with early strawberries and cream in this delicious recipe.

Whisk 250ml or ½ pint of double cream with 125g or 5oz caster sugar until it can stand in peaks (but not so as it turns to butter!)

Saving a couple of strawberries and some flowers for decoration, mash 500g or 1 lb strawberries to a pulb with 25g or 1oz of catser sugar (potato masher works well) and mix with a handful of May blossom.

Carefully fold the strawberry mixture with the cream, pop into a bowl and serve cold decorated with the remaining fruit and flowers.

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