Summer Solstice – Another walk

Having celebrated the Equinox in such a way, Trasnition Chesterfield asked Steph and I to continue in the same fashion and booked us for a summer walk on Solstice.  Being Father’s Day, we made the walk for the evening, knowing that it would be still light by the time we finished at 9pm.

Well, what an evening – again, loads of enthusiastic people, Steph treated everyone to Elderflower Champagne to get the walk off to a grat start!  We found all sorts of great wild food – the kids went mad for wild garlic – the whole valley smelled of it, so it wasn’t hard to find and its so easy to identify and tastes familar – a really super beginners forage!

I didn’t ahev much time for a reconnisance visit last week, but had a quick whip around the park on my bike and was amazed to see a huge Horseradish plant at the edge of one fo the paths – alas when we reached it on the walk – the council mowers had seen fit to desimate it – oh well – you don’t eat the leaves!

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