Autumn Walk for Transition Chesterfield

This afternoon was the last in our series of walks for 2009 for Transition Chesterfield, although Glen is running one on mushrooms later in the year.

Another lucky day with the weather and yet again I was exhaused – this time from moving my daughter into a south coast university the day before (the summer one I had just completed Ashgate Hospice’s Midnight Walk (!%3C/b%3E%3C/font%3E)  sorry that’s rather long – anyway I digress…

Steph brought along home made bread to taste her hedgerow jam.  There was quite a bit to see, but it wasn’t as good as it could  have been – hardly any blackberries and the rosehips were uninspiring.  And again the Horseradish had been mowed!  Best of all was Steph’s discovery of a mulberry tree – not many fo the berries were ripe, but there was enough for veryone to get a look at the unusual berries.

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