Who can resist blackberries? Available at a hedge near you FOR FREE from mid August until late September!  How many people now buy insipid little boxes full of frozen blackberries in the supermarkets when all aroudn the supermarket carpark are bramble bushes heavy with fruit?

Well, I know you wouldn’t pick it from the edge of a carpark or a busy road, but you see my point!!

Anyway, apart from balckberry jam and blackberry crumble and just plain eating them lightly stewed with a little sugar and some cream, what can you do with them?  Well try this for size…

Scots Cream Crowdie

Take 2 oz course oatmeal, place in a pan and toss over the heat until crisp.

Whip 1pt double cream, stir in the toasted oatmeal, 2oz acster sugar, 1 tablespoon rum and 4oz clean blackberries.

Put big fat luchious dollops in pretty bowls!

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