So bright and plentiful its hard to belive that the fruit of the Rowan tree (or Mounatin Ash) is edible.

Well there is edible and edible isn’t there?  Rowan makes great wine (but the recipe I have says it smells horrid at the start and its at least 6 months before it becomes drinkable. See for more information.

Anyway Rowan jelly tatses great as an accompaniment to game (particularly venison) and lamb.  Its has a delicious dark marmelad-y flavour.

Take 4lb rowan berries and 3lb crab apples.  Wash the berries and remove them from their stalks, wash and half the crab apples.  Put them in a large pan and barely cover with water.

Bring to the boil and cook for 20 mins.

Pour into a jelly bag or muslin and leave to drip overnight – do not poke or squeeze!

Measuer the juice into a clean pan and for every 1 pint of juice add 1 lb brown sugar.

Heat slowly and stir until sugar has dissolved.

Then boil rapidly for 7-10 mins until setting point is reached on cold saucer.

Clear scum and pour into warm sterilised jar and seal.

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