Its coming!

I went walking above Matlock with my sister yesterday and the signs of spring are definately there Рwe saw all of these  Рnot enough to pick Рand some of them were frozen solid, but at least they are coming!

Cow parsley




And in a couple of places (lower down) were sheets of the very early crocus – all pale and floppy, but definately heralding things to come!

Welcome Spring 2010!

I have just spent a couple of days in Cornwall and can confirm that Spring really is on its way.  Given that the seasons travel north at walking speed Рyou just have to work out how may days it would take to walk 350 miles Рby the time you have worked it out, spring will be here!!

So, in the abundant hedgerows of the South Western tip of England a spring feast was all ready for the picking – Sorrel, Cow Parsley (be very sure its not Hemlock), Alexanders, Nettles, Dandelion and Chickweed – fresh vitamins free for everyone.

Feast away!

In one particularly sheltered spot there were heaps and heaps of Pennywort – I didn’t have my reference books so i could do an on the spot check, but returning home I found that yes, you can eat it, but like everything it should only be picked where it grows in profusion.