Welcome Spring 2010!

I have just spent a couple of days in Cornwall and can confirm that Spring really is on its way.  Given that the seasons travel north at walking speed – you just have to work out how may days it would take to walk 350 miles – by the time you have worked it out, spring will be here!!

So, in the abundant hedgerows of the South Western tip of England a spring feast was all ready for the picking – Sorrel, Cow Parsley (be very sure its not Hemlock), Alexanders, Nettles, Dandelion and Chickweed – fresh vitamins free for everyone.

Feast away!

In one particularly sheltered spot there were heaps and heaps of Pennywort – I didn’t have my reference books so i could do an on the spot check, but returning home I found that yes, you can eat it, but like everything it should only be picked where it grows in profusion.


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