Not Quite There

Popped out on a quick reconnaissance mission to spy out the land (well what is growing on the land) for a walk planned for this weekend coming with Transition Chesterfield, but alas, the canal basin was a bit bare, so we have had to delay for a few weeks.  There were definate signs of where things might be – there were a couple of Coltsfoot almost in flower (if you are over-run you can make wine, but it can be quite rare, so best not!) and we did find a couple of Sorrel plants, lots and Dandelions and Nettles which are ‘coming’.  Spring is so late!  This time last year we were eating Nettle Soup.  We did spot several Comfry plants also breaking through the surface and Steph told me that it contains B12, the recipe for Comfrey fritters is below, but you may have to wait a few weeks to try it out!

Take 4oz flour with pinch of salt and a little cayenne pepper in a bowl add the yolk of 1 egg and gradually add 1/4 pt water.  Whip the egg white until stiff and fold it in.  Pick spring Comfrey leaves (with a little stalk), wash and dry them and dip them in the batter and fry them in the hot fat until brown, drain and serve ASAP.

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