More sorrel and other delights

I was away again last week – oh what it is to travel!!  This time my son and I were having a Northern Aunt experience.  Visiting an aunt in St Andrews – we walked along the cliff top and I showed her that you could eat gorse flowers – they tatse quite like peas – if you collect enough you can make wine – bit of a faff I think tho’!

Gorse bush in full bloom

Following our visit to the aunt in St Andrews, next stop was an aunt near Carlisle.  Whilst staying with her I went for a walk – mainly hoping to pick up some wild garlic for dinner (good ol’ spag bol), but as is often the case, foraging in unfanilar territory is not as easy as it would appear – I headed for places where I thought it might grow, headed towards a wood, headed down to what looked liek it might be a stream, got a bit lost, quite muddy, and ended up having to climb over a couple of barbed wire fences!!  There was some ‘Jack by the Hedge’ or ‘Garlic Mustard’ which would have done at a pinch, but i must admit I lost it on the way home!  But what I did see in a particularly dense confier woodland was a sea of wood sorrel, the  whole of the forest floor was ‘lit up’ by its lime green leaves.  Had I needed sorrel leaves I could have fed 50 people!!

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