Routes to Food

Well, I’m very lucky.  I’m grateful for lots of things that are good about my life, family, friends, nice place to live etc, but I’ve just had some really good news.  I’ve got a new job (an additional job if I can work it out right) and one of the best things about the job is that it will involve a commute.

OK, so it won’t be your average commute – hours of my life wasted in traffic jams or in packed stuffy trains,  no, this commute will be a 45 minute cycle along the canal towpath (I can catch the bus if the weather is nasty).  The route is fantastic for gathering – loads of wild food all the way along, at the moment its abundant in wild garlic, a week or so earlier I would have been picking hawthorn leaves and nettles, and just before that sorrel was at its best.  There are swathes of comfrey just waiting to be stuffed into my panniers and brought home to make tomato plant feed.  I know the rest of the year will bring all sorts of gathering possibilities.

I really hope that I don’t get lazy and worried about time constraints so that I more often than not catch the bus and let this opportunity pass me by

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