Out in the Peak District this weekend I had plenty of opportnuity to pick bilberries.  I simply couldn’t resist, I spent quite a lot of the walk, stopping, picking, eating, running to catch up, sharing and then would have to start the whole process over again because we would then come to another patch!

One of the things I love about bilberries is that like early evening stars, you can’t see them at all at first, but as soon as you spot one, you can see another and then another and very soon you have a whole handful!

If you are able to pick enough so that its worth taking some home (with a large patch and patient companions this really is not too difficult provided you don’t eat them as fast as you pull them off the bushes!) you could do any variety of things with them – add them to a summer pudding, add them to apples for a pie or tart, mix them into muffins (as you would with their near relative the blueberry).  However, my favourite, which I did a couple of years ago for a wild / free food party was cook them with some (horrid, left in the back of the drinks cabinet cos no-one could drink it) Apple Schnaps until they were just a thick liquid and then strain and swirl through home made yoghurt for a most luxurious pudding ever!