For reasons unknown blackerries have arrived really really early.  You would not normally expect to be picking until the beginning of September and they have been around more than a week already.  Those that we are not eating straight away, I am packing into any and every available container and squirrelling them away in my freezer for puddings, pies, crumbles and other delicious puddings throughout the winter.  However I do think that this year I may take the plunge into wine making and with blackberries so plentiful (and with loads still to ripen on the bushes) that would be a good start.

The easiest pudding I know is blackberry crumble and you make it like this – half fill an oven proof dish with blackberries, sprinkle over some sugar (usually less than a spoonful).  Make up some crumble (diffuclt to say how mcuh I don’t know how big your dish is, but try this) Rub 3oz hard margarine or butter into 6oz flour, then add 3oz sugar and a handful of oats.  Pour over the blackberries and cook in the oven for about 20 mins at about 180 C.

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