Foraging in Birmingham

It really felt quite the end of summer this weekend.  Very autumnal.  I was visiting my daughter in Birmingham and was delighted to surpise her by all the wild food that we found.  Walking home from the shops through great parks (with leaves just truning) I spied a mulberry bush (not ripe yet), we picked a good lb or so of blackberries in not many minutes alongside a footpath and I also alerted her to a plum tree that will be ripe in a couple of weeks or so.

We took the train out to Likey Hills, a wonderful country park, only 15 mins from the city centre.  We picked and ate Bilberries until we couldn’t eat any more, there was plenty of sorrel (Sheep and Wood Sorrel) making a second flush.  Sadly I don’t know my mushrooms, but if I did we could have eaten like kings!  The forest floor was literally littered with them, many many different species – once we had spotted them, it seemed like everywhere we looked there was another!  Note to self – must go on Glen’s next Mushroom Forage.

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