Food in Abundance!

We had a great day foraging, really lovely bunch of people.  Lots of wild food to sample – lots of berries – fat hawthorn, rosehips, guilder rose, rowan, sloes (not many elderberries, but they are in abundance elsewhere).  Many apples on the ground surrounding the big old crab.  Enought mulberries for everyone to get a tiny tatste.  Some people even managed to find hazel nuts despite the squirrels.

Loads of spring greens coming again for a second time – sheep sorrel, dandelion, garlic mustard, nettles, chickweed even cow parsley and hog weed.

Steph brough along her elderberry cordial and also shared her secret receipe


Ilb fruit, (blackberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, elderberries (pull the berries off the stems with a fork, cherries or whatever)

Quarter pint water

Sugar (see below for quantity}


To make

Boil the fruit gently in the water until very soft.

Strain though a nylon sieve or muslin

Measure the juice

Add 8oz sugar to each pint of juice. When the sugar has dissolved, heat the syrup but do not boil.

Heat the jars. Clean the lids with boiling water.

Put the hot syrup in the hot jars, filling nearly to the top and put the lids on loosely.


To sterilise

Stand the jars in a deep pan of water on several thicknesses of cloth or a rack

Bring slowly to simmering point (80 degrees c) taking about an hour to do this. Do not boil. Keep at this temperature a further 20 minutes

Lift out carefully, stand on a wooden surface, tighten the lids.


To use

Drink diluted with water, hot or cold, fizzy or still.

Mix with vodka

Pour over your porridge, muesli, rice pudding or icecream.


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