We’ve bin to France.  Wild Food there is pretty much de riguer.  They even go so far as having boar – and yes, we actually did see some – 3 in fact.  They were in the distance, crossing the road at a trot, but my goodness they aren’t half big!

I wondered whether it was an urban myth that Pharmacists in France are obligied to identify any mushroom they are presented with, but no, this is true.  I didn’t get the chance to test this out, I didn’t see many mushrooms at all, but what I did see were walnuts (and chestnuts, but I saw them in England too).  Walnuts lying all over the place.  No one picks them cos they all have walnut trees in their garden, so there they are just lying around waiting for me to pick them up and lug them home.

Luckily I had room in my rucksack for the two carrier bags full of walnuts that we were able to pick in less than 10 mins from just a couple of trees.  It was recommended that I keep them until next year when they will be eminently more delicious than they are now, but not sure I can wait.  Maybe I’ll keep half!


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