Spring Flowers

I was out cycling around Carsington Water last weekend and there were loads of spring flowers.  It must be very sheltered as it is still only March.  Some of our prettiest spring flowers are edible spring, but only in small quantities.  Primroses and violets can be used to make crystalised flowers, beautiful on top of Mother’s Day or Easter cakes.  Pick a few (but only if there are loads) dip them in egg white and sprinkle with caster sugar.

In times gone by when spring flowers were much more plentiful they could be used to make wine, you can still find receipes (in old books and on the internet I’m sure) for Coltsfoot or Cowslip wines.  You would be very hard pushed to find enough cowslips to make wine and even if you did it would be such a shame to pick them for such a purpose, but if you have ground covered in coltsfoot needing to be cleared (as I have seen on some local allotments) let them flower, pick and make wine and then dig them up! (and replant somewhere wild if possible, they realy are the herald of spring and so good to see thier bright yellow)


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