Treats from the Coast

Living in the centre of England, you don’t get much chance for coastal gathering, so when the opportunity arises, its a real treat!

Last weekend I went down to the South Coast and spend a lovely day cycling along the seafront and around the pretty coastal villages.

Plenty of wild foods – in partciular:

  • Sea Beat – very spinich-y kind of plant with crunchy shiny dark green leaves – perfect for a snack as you go along or take home and steam gently like you would with Chard or Kale
  • Alexanders – this bright green-yellow Umbellifer is very easy to identify.  Its stems before flowering can be eaten like very good asparagus.  Growing all along the hedgerows within about 20 miles of the coast in my experience
  •  Fennel – bronze and green growing adundantly by the side of the paths along the dune.  We picked loads to go with the veg and some local fish.

Last time my wild food buddy Ian went to the Norfolk coast he returned with buckets of marsh samphire for all his friends – another fantastic salty treat.

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