May Blossom Brandy

Woo Hoo!  how much May blossom is there this year?!!

Its everywhere, and so beautiful and fragrant too.  Well here is a way to capture that scent and drink it in when darker evenings arrive that I found in Richard Mabey’s Food for Free

Gather enough May flowers to fill a pint bottle.  If you can take the bottle with you when gathering and cut the blossom straight in using scissors to avoid losing petals and gaining stems (which is what will happen if you pick bunches and carry a bag of home)

Add 2 table spoons of sugar and fill the bottle with brandy.  Using the same method as for slow gin, shake the bottle a couple of times every day until the sugar has all dissolved.  Then stick it somewhere warm and dark until at least the beginning of  Autumn, then strain and decant into a clean bottle and drink carefully!!

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