I came across another example of the value of a mental ‘food map’ this week.  Lots of people have been ‘boasting’ about their plum and damson crops and I was just a little jealous!  Whilst I have lots of apple and pear trees the plum tree on my allotment is bare : (.  But I remembered a couple of years ago picking plums at the edge of a footpath in area of town that no longer forms part of any of my daily journeys.  So  trekked over to the area with a big bag and picked loads and loads and loads of damsons.  Of course I needed have bothered, cos as soon as my friends heard that I didn’t have any I was quickly given two carrier bags of damsons and one of beautiful Victoria plums!!

Another friend sent me the a link to the following blog http://www.cottagesmallholder.com which contains a receipe for Damson Vodka, as long as I promised to give her a  small bottle when its finished (I did just happen to have a big bottle of vodka – as you do!)  But then she got in touch a couple of days ago to say she had found a tree near to her andwould be making her own, so I don’t need to share!

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