Wild Food history

I don’t have any A levels or a degree, I’m not a botanist or a herbalist or an anything really!  I just gather and eat wild food and tell people about it.

I met an archeologist who studies plant remains in digs – seeds etc that can be found by a process using water ( seeds float and soil / dirt / gravel does not).  Now although this lady can identify plants by microscopically examining  tiny seeds – very often plants which would have been eaten.  We talked about food, and she asked me to lead a wild food walk, as she does not know what the actual plants look like in the ‘real’.  I can’t wait – to learn from her what our ancestors would have eaten and how they would have processed food and to show her just how many wild plants can be eaten.  I’m pretty sure even people in relatively recent history would have used their natural larder much more than we do toda.

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