Bilberries – finally!

I enjoyed a couple of days walking in the Lake District earlier this week.  One of the great things about spending a whole day walking (besides the most fantastic views) is the chance for some serious foraging!

Over the course of  couple of days I picked and ate the following – blackberries with meadowsweet; a salad of watercress, fat hen, wood sorrel, chickweed and bistort; sweet ciciely (which I added to roast veg as you would add fennel); some sorrel sauce to go with fiscakes; and best of all my first (and last cos its now September) bilberries of 2011!

The bilberries took some finding, but it is late in the year.  I finally found some bushes with berries near the top of Carron Crag, I was so pleased I almost missed the view!  I picked for about 20 mins, and as usual with bilberries ended up with about 2 tablesppons full!!  I heated them for just a very few minutes with a splash of orange juice and a pinch of sugar and then poured them over a dish of ice cream.  Yummy!