Well admittedly its a little early to be out foraging, but despite the wintery weather, there is still a definate early spring feel out there!  I was out today inspecting my ‘pet’ sorrel patch, but its not doing very much yet, but it won’t be long.  : -)

However, I thought i would just share with you that I came across a most biazarre thing today – my son bought himself some sweets – Rowntrees (Nestle) Jelly Aliens which have in big letters on the front that they contain 25% fruit juice.  In very very very small letters on the back  (which he read – I do have better things to do!) were listed the ingredients – including  ‘Fruit and vegetable concentrates (Hibiscus, Carrot, Pepper, Safflower, Spinach, Nettle)’  Now I have to say that I think that is one of the wierdest selection of ingedients, but I can’t work out why they would put those strange things in – answers on a postcard!


One thought on “Nettles?

  1. My guess would be they are using them as colourings. From memory in order red, orange, pass, golden yellow, green and pastel yellow.
    I would certainly rather have food concentrates in my food than AZO (petroleum distillate) dyes but I suspect that these concentrates are so fractioned there is no “goodness” left in them.

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