The Wild Food Walker arrives !

I am the good friend and fellow forager Anne referred to in her post of July 17, 2011. She invited me to share he blog back in September and as the new year dawned 6 weeks ago I have decided to take her up on her kind offer.

Out on of my regular rambles today (colloquially known as a BIMBLE, e.g. “odd bloke that, often see him bimbling round”) I enjoyed the intense and low in the sky (is it late winter or early spring ?) sun.

What surprised me was the 10 edible species I found.

The Dandelions are up and now is probably a good time to blanch them for salads in a few weeks.

The nettles are just starting to stir and I reckon stinger pesto will be on the menu in a fortnight.

Dead Nettles were also there in abundance and ready for steaming now.

I will post the other 7 finds up soon, you may be surprised at some of them. But right now I’m off to the pub to indulge my love of real ale.

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