Its here!!!

OK, so Spring has officially arrived – that’s it – you can stop waiting.  To celebrate the extra day, Spring has arrived in February!  Prove it, I hear you cry, OK – 3 reasons that I know spring has come…

1. On the way to work I spotted hawthorn bursting into bud and stopped for a nibble

2. On the way home I picked Wild Garlic leaves just poking through (be certain they are not Lily of the Valley – looks simular, smells very different obviously!)

3. Whilst picking said Garlic to be added to chicken, tomato and basil sauce, I collected enough Field (Arrow/Sheep) Sorrel to go in my tomorrow.

What more proof do you need?  Here’s to good foraging in 2012, she says raising a delicious glass of 2010 blackbery wine : )


One thought on “Its here!!!

  1. Here here! I made my first batch of wild garlic pesto yesterday, and there’s quite a bit of sorrel around too. Spring is definitely here (despite the fact that we had snow today in County Durham)

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