What on Earth ?

Wild Food Walker checking in again. Collection of Elder flower buds is going slowly but as the speed of buds bursting increases I should  get my first pint for pickling.

In a lot of ways foraging the urban fringe is a more interesting challenge than being out and about in the countryside. Today I was wandering round collecting those buds and found myself at the gates of a reclamation yard where some kind individual had dumped a load of mixed rubble and top soil. I did a triple take on the almost iridescent plants sprouting from it and suddenly it dawned. I was looking at a collection of smooth sow thistles. An unexpected find and only identified by one of the plants being a few days older than the others and having the characteristic “tags” on the leaf stem. Far tastier than the related Spiny sow thistle but after a quick nibble, was left where it was, not because it tasted bad, it was fresh and sweet but I had no idea what was in the pile of soil and rubble. Ah well !

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