Dandelion Bhaji

St Georges Day is 23rd June, and this the day traditionally to pick dandelion flowers to make wine as they are usually in full bloom with the first flush of their beautfil yellow faces, this year however they have been out en masse for about a week already and looking glorious until the rain decended!

I was watching Country File on the TV the other evening and was very surpised to see them cooking!  They were making dandelion bhajis, which look brilliant.  Onion bhajis are very easy to make and taste delicious freshly fried, so I can’t wait to try these.  Check out the link


I must say that I think I would just use the flower petals (even tho’ its a bit faffy to seperate them) because I think the yellow would look better and the petals would distribute through the batter more evenly.

Also see my blog in April last year for Hugh’s River Cottage dandelion marmalade


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