Witch Hazel

I had always wondered what bit of the Witch Hazel the well known tonic is made from.  So when I saw Witch Hazel in flower,  its tiny yellow and red spikes brightening up the weekend, it reminded me to investigate.  Just in case it was the blossom that was used (like saffron from crocus) I thought now would be the best time to check, and it would seem that now is the time.

I was going to write a load of stuff – but it would seem that Handmaiden’s Kitchen has already written almost everthing there is to say about it, so check out her blog…. http://handmaidenkitchen.blogspot.co.uk/2010/01/make-your-own-witch-hazel-extract.html


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  Over the past few years – December and January have been far too cold for wild food, but not so today.  Today was a very mild day for this time of year, if a trifle windy and a bike ride into Derbyshire was very much enjoyed.

I was quite surprised to find the floor of a woodland that we cycled through still  covered in Wood Sorrel leaves – not the fresh green of new spring leaves yet, but still a refreshing lemony snack.  However, further along the route, on the grass verge of a minor road, I found fresh growing chickweed flourishing and looking very tasty indeed!

I am very much looking forward to a year of foraging and will keep you posted on what’s available in the big outdoors.