Salad sarni anyone?

I checked the fridge whilst I was making my lunch yesterday and like old mother Hubbard’s cupboard it was empty of salad veg to go in my sandwich.  There must be something to mix with my cheese, so I trotted outside.  Its not a huge garden, but it does have a lot of ‘weeds’!

So, plenty of Dandelions growing out there, quite a lot of them almost ‘blanched’ from living in the semi darkness under the trampoline, so a handful of them in the colander.  Hawthorn leaves just coming trough on the hedge between me and next door, a good dose of them.  Sorrel growing in what should be a lawn, fantastic lemon-y sharp taste – they can go in. Garlic Mustard only a couple of leaves needed, (they are a bit strong).

Back inside a quick splosh under the tap and a good chop and it makes the perfect filling for my sarni!