Birch Sap

Whilst everyone has heard of Maple Syrup and the whole thing is quite familiar, suggest to people in the UK that they drink tree sap and they are REALLY out of their comfort zone!

The sap is rising in all trees at the moment, in fact someone told me that if you hold your ear agianst a tree you will hear the sap rushing up the tree and I have tried this, but am never quite sure whether the noise I’m hearing is just the ‘sea in the seashell’ noise or whether it is actually sap rushing around inside the tree.

Just along the street from my house a row of birch trees oevrhang a neighbour’s fence, one branch had been twisted and broken in the winter gales and this week, the tree was put out of its misery and the offening limb has been cut off.  The sap is literaly dripping out of the cut, making a wet patch on the pavement.  Were it in my garden, I would have installed a bowl  bucket to catch said sap.  Recommended for making beautiful (pre-sweetened) tea, you could try boiling and then reduciing a  pan full of sap down to thin syrup-y stuff to sweeten any dish.  Mixing with lemon peel and cloves along with the normal yeast and sugar (or even honey)  makes great wine, so I’m told.  Birch trees can be ‘tapped’ a hole drilled in the truck (and a cork inserted afterwards to prevent permanent damage) for a reliabel source.