Delicious Derbyshire Dandelions Drop Scones

The long awaited for sunshine arrived, if briefly, this afternoon (Derbyshire has been shrouded in mist all week).  So a short walk out was rewarded with fields of glorious bright shiny yellow dandelions.  Instead of cursing these unwanted weeds – eat them!

For fabulous drop scones pick a couple of handfuls of open flower heads, remove all the petals and put on one side.  Make some drop scone mix – taking 4oz SR flour, 2oz sugar, an egg and some milk to make a thick batter.  Beat in the yellow lovelyness and drop spoonfuls onto a hot greased griddle.  Eat immediately and if you have some rosehip syrup to pour over them they taste even better!!

If you don’t fancy dandelion drop scones but still fancy eating weeds try these nettle ones –