The people in the offices upstairs moved out, so we went on a scavenger hunt…we came back with the sort of goodies you can image – a better flip chart stand than our existing one with the wonky leg, a nearly full pack of blue tac, some post-its, an under the desk footrest – that sort of thing.  But my best find (my windfall if you will), mixed in among a stack of outdated boring books on marketing and strategy and procurement, was a beautiful hardback copy of ‘The Concise British Flora in Colour’ – known affectionately for more than 50 years by the name of the author – Keble Martin.  

A definitive guide to identification of wild plants is essential for a wild food forager – you have to be absolutely sure of what you are picking – photographs are all very well, but a well drawn guide such as this – or ‘The Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe’ (again known by its illustrator – Marjorie Blamey) is so much better – there is no background to confuse, the plant is shown in precise detail and the features of leaves and flowers are very clear.

So now I have two of the best identification guides – its funny what makes a person happy!