I heard a fantastic description of the arrival of Spring the other day.  I was listening to a Norse tale at Matlock’s monthly Storytelling Cafe http://www.tradartsteam.co.uk/Matlock-Storytelling-Cafe.html where the quite brillinat Giles Abbott entraced us with a tale from the Vikings.  He spoke of Odin, looking with his one eye through his spy glass at all the 9 worlds (of which this one is the middle) and when he saw the first bud of Hawthorn burst that was the first day of spring.

I love that – I am always excited by seeing the first hawthorn leaves – the greening of a brown and lifeless hedge.  I have seen my first hawthron buds burst, so am happy that spring has arrived.  Once the leaves appear, pick them whilst they are ultra green and new and eat them in a cheese sandwich for a great nutty taste or add them to a mixed leaf salad.

Later the flowers (May blossom) and the haws themselves are both edible.