I was at a meeting the other evening and had to pop out to take a phone call.  As I wondered about outside in the ‘garden’ of the hall where the meeting was being held I was delighted to find a couple of wild (or stray) raspberries bushes full of fruit.  I picked them and shared them when the call was over.

Wild raspberry bushes are all over, on country lanes and also in hedges in urban areas, the sort of places where you would find blackberry brambles.  Easy to identify once they are in fruit, they can be hidden  by now by tall nettles or cow parsley, so best to identify their location earlier on.

They won’t be the huge perfect raspberries that you buy in the shops, but they will taste amazing!  My best summer fruit recipe is both easy and impressive.  Whisk 1/2 pint double cream and gradually add 5 oz caster sugar until cream is standing in peaks (but has not tunred to butter!).  Chuck in about 1lb raspberries (or as many as you have)an fold them in – save any really good looking ones for decoration.  Serve  in your prettiest bowl (or individual dishes – this receipe will do 6 servings).