Fat Hen

My good friend and fellow forager Ian was running a Wild Food Walk for Rhubarb Farm ( and we went for a recci visit.

Now I tend to think of mid summer as being pretty lean for wild food – the spring leaves are no longer fresh and the autumn berries aren’t ready yet.  On a small bit of scrubby ground and some hedgerow we were very easily able to spot 20 or so edible plants.  Hazel nuts waiting  ripen, first blackberries, some raspberries, elderberries (not ripe yet), some rowan.  We also spotted loads of leaves to point out – dandelion, nettle, rosebay willowherb, yarrow, coltsfoot, red and white deadnettle, comfry and many more.

What there was most of were many different plants from the Goosefoot family – Fat Hen, Good King Henry,Orache, Red Goosefoot – I would agree with Roger Phillips who says ‘the plants and leaves are very variable and it may prove difficult to differentiate between species’  Whether  you know which of the goosefoot family you are eating or not, they all taste great and are well worth picking and taking home for dinner.