Garlic Mustard

Well, the bank holiday weather was not as bad as it was forecast, but I still got quite cold when out cycling today with my friend Alison.  We took a back lane route over the hills and far away (we also had a short detour around a housing estate  – I don’t think she will ever trust me to navigate again!).  There was so many wild flowers en route including Bluebells – what a fabulous site they are – swathes of Wood Anemones and Marsh Marigolds (my own special favourite) plus we actually saw Snakes Head Fritillaries (my first time ever!).

On the way home I picked a huge buch of Garlic Mustard (also known as Jack by the Hedge of Hedge Garlic).  I stuffed and wrapped mackeral in it for dinner.  Lightly oil foil and fish, stuff leaves in cavity, wrap fish in leaves and foil, cook in oven for 20 -30 mins, unwrap leaves and foil – eat – simple!