Sunday was a great walking day – bright sunshine interspersed with face stinging hail!  I walked a long walk (to Beeley Moor above Chatsworth) and was amazed by the variety of wild food to be foraged so early in the year.  Looking back over past year’s blogs its sometimes not until the end of March that there is anything to be foraged at all.  A full list here would be a bit boring – but these are some of the highlights

  • a very large patch of Bistort – cooked like spinach – Bistort is like a smaller dock 
  • some tansy
  • first signs of wood sorrel

I was also very aware that whilst the trees are still bare its a useful time to be thinking about your ‘wild food map’ for later in the year – wild raspberry canes are clear in the undergrowth, damson and sloe bushes are coming into flower, as are some wild (or alpine) strawberries in sheltered areas, I also came across two patches of gooseberries coming into leaf (probably garden escapes, but still wild food if they fruit).  Definitely one or two places to revisit later in the year.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  Over the past few years – December and January have been far too cold for wild food, but not so today.  Today was a very mild day for this time of year, if a trifle windy and a bike ride into Derbyshire was very much enjoyed.

I was quite surprised to find the floor of a woodland that we cycled through still  covered in Wood Sorrel leaves – not the fresh green of new spring leaves yet, but still a refreshing lemony snack.  However, further along the route, on the grass verge of a minor road, I found fresh growing chickweed flourishing and looking very tasty indeed!

I am very much looking forward to a year of foraging and will keep you posted on what’s available in the big outdoors.